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Geocaching with the Blackberry Z10 — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks! Looks like it works BUT no geocaching.com apps on their list, in particular my favorite one. 😉

    Well at least I am getting closer. Any chance you have any pull in what they will list?

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    • I have no clue how and where http://apktrain.com gets the apk files from. Most links on their site (forum, about, …) are either broken, empty or wrong. SO this site actually doesn’t look very safe 🙁

      As for the official Groundspeak geocaching app, it will not work on BB10 as BB10 lacks any Google service 8incloding Google maps)

  2. It looks like Blackberry World just removed c:geo. I’m glad I got it just before they did this. I really enjoy c:geo. Thanks for bringing over to BB!

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