GPRS Data Usage is a small application I wrote for the Harmattan Operating system of Nokias N9 mobile phone. It shows the current GPRS data usage in it’s icon. You can select between the home network or the roaming network data to be shown. Also it can show how much data is left if you have a bandwidth limitation. You can automatically reset the counter every month on a specific day or set it manually to a certain value.


Get it from here: 

Gprs-data-usage 0.3.8 Armel
Gprs-data-usage 0.3.8 Armel
140.0 KiB


Home screen with Information Icon


GPRS Data Usage — 3 Comments

  1. Please George, kindly post the app her; Ovi isn’t working. You know Microsoft sent everything to Opera.
    Please Mr George.
    I’ll check back after Sabbath Service today, or tomorrow.
    Thanks for MiniBible.
    (I may be compelled to go learn programming).

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