This is a little tool which enables you to send a Magic Package from your Synology DSM  to wake up any PC on your network.

It was originally written by Axl, but I enhanced it a bit:

  • Optimized for touchscreens (run button, bigger buttons)
  • You can now tap on the run button instead of double tapping
  • Added German translation
  • Added Package centre icon


Wake over LAN from your Synology DiskStation

Latest version

1.2 (08. March 2013)


  1. Download the WOL package below and install it through the DSM package interface.
  2. Also you will have to install PERL. It is provided by Synology and should be visible in the DSM package interface.
  3. Starting with DSM 4.2 (and in case of issues with DSM 4.1), you also have to install the ExtJS package:
    Download ExtJS package from the link below and install it through the DSM package interface.
    Alternatively, you can get it from download.huihoo.com/extjs/
    In that case you will have to extract it manually into the folder /usr/syno/synoman/scripts/extjs/ on your DiskStation (create the folders if they do not exist yet).
    (Thank goes to Dirk for this tip!)

Both packages are no continuously running scripts. Therefore they can not be permanently started in the package interface! Both always will stow status “stopped”. This is completely fine!

If somebody knows how to fix this in the package meta data, please let me know.


If you have issues on not getting it working (or the Database entries do not show up), follow those instructions:

  1. Remove WOL, ExtJS and Perl (and all packages which depend on it)
  2. In the DSM settings, go to DSM Settings and select the tab Security. Then de-select the option Improve protection against cross-site forgery attacks
  3. Restart your Diskstation
  4. Install the packages again in this order:
    1) Perl
    2) ExtJS
    3) WOL

After that it should work again (Tested with DSM4.2.3211 and DSM4.33776)!


I am not planing to write any update. I am not using it myself anymore (no usage for it at the moment). How ever the source code is free and anybody can give it a try (just download the package and unzip it).

Since many people complain about its issues and are begging for updates, I might start a donation list. If there are enough people willing to donate a fee of 5..10 $, I might invest some of my free time for a rewrite. Keep in mind, nothing is for free. For all the free software we can just download, somebody is investing a lot of free time!


Wake over Lan from your Synology DSM
Wake over Lan from your Synology DSM
Version: 1.2
31.5 KiB

ExtJS 1.1.1
ExtJS 1.1.1
Version: 1.1.1
3.1 MiB


Synology: Wake over LAN — 222 Comments

  1. Installed the app! Works when I load it through web-interface.
    But when I try to access it with QuickConnect a see a blank page 🙁
    Any fix for that? Thanks

  2. Hi there! Here is my problem – no idea how to overcome it… Help, please! My DSM version is DSM 5.0.4458-UPD1. I’ve installed both packets, Perl (last version) was preinstalled. With first start of an App I faced an error described above (about Admin rights) but after switching off “CSRF check” and relogon it became Ok. I’ve added MAC and the name of my desktop into the list – also OK. But when I’m trying to run this App from the remote connection (“QuickConnect” – this is a new feature of DSM 5.0) I’m getting just CLEAR WINDOW, without string of my desktop and no dialog to add a new one at the bottom. Nothing at all! Does anybody have an idea? Thanks in advance!

    • Hello,

      works fine after changed the parameter “cross-site forgery attacks” and logoff/loggon.

      Thanks !!

  3. Well I first had the same issue but after perl 1.1 installing after 4.1 it works on my XP and my Samsung S 3 phone.
    I did not work (please log in ……etc) with my windows 7 with IE9 😕

    Maybe this can help you find out George ?

    Like the prog was realy searching for this………………….

  4. Hello,
    I have installed Perl, ExtJs and WOL on my Synology running DSM 5.0 but when I start the application I get the following error: “Please login as admin first, before using this webpage”

    Has anyone else tried it on DSM 5.0 ?

    • Got that working after disabling the Disabled CSRF check -> Loging off -> Then logging back on

      Thank you for the app 🙂

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for this app – I’m trying to use it on a Synology DS213+ running DSM 5.0.4458
    I have it installed and can use it interactively from the main menu. But I’d really like to have it run via a scheduled task – when I set this up, with the task set to run the WOL service nothing happens?
    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.
    Kind Regards

  6. works for me now again on DSM 5.0-4458 running Perl 5.18.1-0010

    had to do as described before here:

    uninstall ExtJS
    uninstall WOL
    reinstall ExtJS (but do not run it yet)
    reinstall WOL (but do not run it yet)

    Now you can readd your entries when running the WOL app.

    • Hi,
      I want to verify this as well but cannot find the Perl Version you mentioned. Where to get this? I only have 5.8.6-0003

  7. Very useful app, it works and its free.. well done for making this useful app

    • Don’t works in DSM5. “Please login as admin first, before using this webpage”

    • It will get updated once you start working on it.
      It’s very frustrating to see people that just complain but are not willing to dig into it by themselves!
      It’s open source, so give it a hand! I am not doing it myself in the near future.

    • I confirm. Does work with DSM5. IF.. you follow the procedure. Delete all packets and linked packets. Reinstall in the right order. Thanks

      • Does NOT work on a newly installed DSM 5-4458 on a DS214+…. even though installed according to the instructions…

        • … I can add that it does not work on a DS411Slim running DSM 4.3-3827, even though I followed the re-installation procedure (done it before at least twice and then it worked).. Now it just shows the white page with “add new unit”…
          I would help if I could, but have now programming skill. 🙁


          • Correction regarding the DSM 4.3…
            It does work, but all old computers disappeared when I upgraded to latest release!
            So, I had to add them again… and it looked just like when you try to add a computer and got the error “already exist”…

  8. Hi together

    @Bastien: Did you found a way to install this application under DSM 5?

    Thanks 🙂

  9. Ik want to use the WOL server.

    I have seen some issus above with versions.

    What do I neem to install it nog.

  10. stopped working here too after DSM update, running now on DSM 4.3-3827.
    Methods to revive do not work, extJS remains in stopped mode no matter how I try to start it 🙁
    Why can’t Synology include such an obvious functionality in DSM by default??

  11. Can’t get it to work with DSM 4.3-3810 Update 1. This is what I did, so far:
    1. Uninstall Perl\ExtJS\Wake on LAN
    2. Disabled CSRF check
    3. Rebooted NAS
    4. Installed Perl + ExtJS + WOL in this order.
    I get the error message: “Log on as admin first”… i’m running it with my admin account….

    So any help would be appreciated

  12. Just tried with DSM 5.0 beta and I get error:
    Please login as admin first, before using this webpage

    I have tried to disable the CSRF check and rebooted, uninstalled perl ext js and reinstalled, but it didn’t helped.

    Any idea ?

    • Looks like the dev API changed:

      This should give username but returns nothing. I have contacted synology, otherwise I might bypass the check but notsure it will work:
      =# Are we authenticated yet ?

      if (open (IN,”/usr/syno/synoman/webman/modules/authenticate.cgi|”)) {

      synono> /usr/syno/synoman/webman/modules/authenticate.cgi

      • If you are willing to create a new, fixed version, that would be great. Also, if you want, I can put it onto this website.
        I am busy with other things and am not planing to update the package myself.

    • simple trick:

      1. System Settings => DSM Settings => Security => Disable “Cross-Site-Request…”
      2. Log out
      3. Log in

      • I already did that with no luck. looking into package content I noticed that the authenticate.cgi script should give the current logged username, while it seems it returns nothing on 5.0 beta version, which seem to be the issue.

    • I am running WOL on DSM 5.0 beta. I just deinstalled ExtJS and WOL and installed it again. Strange thing is that Package Center keeps telling me that those two packages aren’t running but I am using it every day.

        • I finally got it working too uninstalling everything, rebooting, and reinstalling. I also applied update 1 to DSM 5.0 beta, maybe that made a diff.

  13. Thanks for the tool, I am successfully able to set it up to do a WOL for my connected PC which has plex installed, I can remotley login to my NAS and can turn on the PC.

    I am wondering if there is a way to shutdown the connected PC remotely.

    • I am not aware of a generic command for all systems like WOL.
      How ever I am sure that you can find tools for Windows or Linux who listen for a certain command…

  14. Hi! Great tip. It’s *almost* what I need as I’d really like to run WOL on a schedule. Do you know if there is a script, or if one can be created, to do this? The Diskstation has a script scheduler which means I can choose when to wake it without manual intervention.



  15. Hmm..
    After upgrading DSM to 4.3-3810 Update 2 WOL does not show the old already added objects… When trying to add an old/earlier added object WOL claims its MAC address already exists…
    How do I fix it?


      • OK… It starts working again if I re-install everything. sad, since I need to remember/backup all the MAC addresses somwhere else and then the reboot complicates things.
        Would be better if it could handle at least the revision updates.


        • I am sorry for the trouble you had.
          As you might know, I haven’t written the script myself, I just modified it a bit. This means I do not know the internals nor do I maintain them.

          It seems that a DSM update breaks something. My guess would be that Synology doesn’t handle something properly since this should not happen with a normal packet.
          I am not planing to improve the script but you are always free to have a look yourself. It’s open source…!

  16. I try to start the app and it says that I need to login with ‘admin’ account. I’ve ‘admin’ account disabled for security purposes. Is it not possible to use another administrator account to run the app??

    • Yes, this App only works as Admin.
      It might be possible to remove this limitation by modifying index.cgi, but you have to have a look yourself.
      I havent written this app myself, therefore I do not understand and support its functionality.

  17. INstalled both packages on DSM 4.3. Had to turn off the ‘cross-site forgery attacks’ protection and reboot. Added MAC address of a PC that I could not connect to from Logmein, clicked the Wake button and……Success! Brilliant little app, many thanks George!

  18. Diskstation DS1812+, DSM 4.3.3776-3
    Had issue “Login as admin first,etc”
    Just applied:
    In the DSM settings, go to DSM Settings and select the tab Security. Then de-select the option Improve protection against cross-site forgery attacks……
    Restarted DS and everything worked without uninstalling anything.

    • There is another problem after updating to DSM 4.3-3810.
      WOL screen opens but the computers in the list disappeared.
      Trying the add the same computer as there was before does not work. You get the message MAC address already in use.
      But uninstalling and installing the 3 packages as written above solved the problem.