MiniBible is a free offline bible reader for the Harmattan (Maemo 6/MeeGo) based Nokia mobile phone N9. It supports currently more than hundred bible translations in over fifty languages. The bible translations are provided by the SWORD Project free of charge.

The names of the 66 books in the bible can be shown in another language as the currently selected bible translation. This way you i.e. can read the bible in German while still using the English book names. Currently the book names are available in 20 different languages.

Whit QML and Swipe gestures it supports the latest UI invention of Nokia.


  • Available at no costs, God also gave us His Word for free
  • Supports over 100 bible translations in over 50 languages
  • Bible translations can be downloaded and installed with a simple click
  • Fully offline usable; once you installed a bible translation, no internet connection is needed anymore
  • Book names can be shown in a separate language
  • Fast way to select a book, chapter and verse
  • Intuitive way to select one or multiple verses
  • Includes a fast search function for the whole bible or a selectable range
  • Bookmarks can be added and exported
  • Two bible translations can be shown beside each other for comparison
  • History function (undo)
  • Turn you phone to landscape for easier reading


Get it from here: [wpfilebase tag=file path=’software/harmattan/minibible_0.9.61_armel.deb‘ /]

Supported bible translations

This is an incomplete list of the supported bible translations. A complete list is available at

  • Afrikaans Bybel
  • New Arabic Version (Ketab El Hayat)
  • Bible in Sorani Kurdish language
  • Czech Bible Kralicka
  • Danske Bibel
  • Elberfelder (1871)
  • Neue evangelistische Übersetzung
  • Schlachter Bibel (1951)
  • American King James Version
  • English Standard Version
  • International Standard Version
  • King James Version
  • Open English Bible
  • Revised King James New Testament
  • World English Bible
  • Spanish Traducción de dominio público
  • Estonian Bible
  • Finnish Pyh. Raamattu
  • La Bible Augustin Crampon 1923
  • Modern Hebrew Bible
  • Croatian Bible
  • Haitian Creole Bible
  • New Transl. Bible of the Hungarian Bible Society
  • Eastern Armenian Bible
  • Italian Riveduta Bibbia (1927)
  • K’ekchi‘ Bible
  • Khmer Christian Bible
  • Latin Vulgate
  • Lithuanian Bible
  • Latvian New Testament
  • Malagasy Bible (1865)
  • Maori Bible
  • Mongolian King James Version
  • 1835 Judson Burmese Bible
  • Brød Nye Testamente
  • Bibelen på Norsk (1930)
  • Ndebele Bible
  • Dutch Statenvertaling
  • Polish Biblia Gdanska (1881)
  • Bíblia Sagrada (Capuchinhos)
  • Bíblia Livre
  • Shona Bible
  • Albanian Bible
  • Svenska Folkbibeln (1998)
  • Thai King James Version
  • Philippine Bible Society (1905)
  • Kutsal Kitap (New Turkish Bible)
  • Новий Завіт. Переклад П. Куліша (1871)
  • Українська Біблія. Переклад Івана Огієнка.
  • Urdu Geo Version (UGV)
  • Vietnamese Bible (1934)
  • Lời Chúa Cho Mọi Người
  • New Vietnamese Bible (2002)
  • New Chinese Version
  • 和合本 (繁體字)
  • [and many more]



MiniBible is provided under the GNU Public Licence (GPL).


Feel free to contact me if you need help, found a bug or have a suggestion.


The source is available here:

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’software/harmattan/minibible_0.9.61.tar.gz‘ /]

Note: This might not always be the latest version. Feel free to contact me for the latest version of the source code!


MiniBible — 22 Kommentare

  1. Hi George,
    I’ve recieved the updata of a new minibible version(0.9.71), but I failed to update with it, and either can I find that version on this website, so I want ask you that if this version gernerated by you? If it is, would you please tell me that where can I get this new version?
    I love this app, I’ve been using it for almost three years since I began to use N9.
    May God bless you for your awsome work.

  2. Hello! George, do you think is possible to have on N9 other romanian translation of the Bible? Now we have RCV and RCCV, but how about the Sinodal Romanian version?
    Thank you! A good day!

    • MiniBible only provides the translations as provided by
      How ever if you have a translation which is packed in the standard Sword module, you simply can extract it to the MyDocs/Sword/ folder.
      You will se other modules which have the same folder structure.
      After a restart of MiniBible it should be available in the list.
      The plain files will be automatically generated on first selection!

  3. Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is great, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about MiniBible | Digital home of George Ruinelli .

    • If it is a standard Sword module, you simply can extract it to the MyDocs/Sword/ folder.
      You will se other modules which have the same folder structure.
      After a restart of MiniBible it should be available in the list.
      The plain files will be automatically generated on first selection!
      Please let me know if it works.

  4. Hi,

    after my Phone was updated to PR1.2 I can not reinstall minibible.It tries to download some depenecies but fails at a certain point (6MB left). Minibible ist therefore not installed. Do you know any way to fix that? I think the problem is somewhere in my phone…

    • Do you still have this problem?
      Can you install other software?
      MiniBible uses only dependencies which are provided by Nokia, so it actually should work without issues.
      Let me know and I will try to help.

      • Yes, it’s still there. Ever since I upgraded to PR1.2. I can install every other software I want to though, from SOVI or somewhere else.

        Is there any way to manually install the dependencies? like apt-geting it?

        Thanks for your help!

  5. Hi,

    Kindly let us have the link to download bible translation for Nokia N9. I have already installed the minibible on my phone. You may even turn the list under „Supported Bible Translation“ into links to those downloads even if they are premium sites.
    Some people can pay for others to download free.

    • You have to download the bible translations from within MiniBible.
      Open the menu and go to Settings > Add/Remove translations.
      Let me know if you need more help.

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