c:geo for Blackberry is no longer updated. If you have BB10.2.1, pease use the official Android version (sideloading).

c:geo is now also available for BlackBerry BB10. Get it for free at See below if you still are stuck on BB10.0.

c:geo is a simple to use but powerful geocaching client with a lot of additional features. In contrast with other similar applications, c:geo doesn’t require web browser nor exports. You can just go geocaching with your phone and without any home preparation or worries. Of course, you can go without paying – it’s free.

Main features:
– View caches on a Live Map
– Search for caches by various criteria
– Log your finds online or offline
– Store cache information on your device
– Create and manage waypoints
– Navigate using compass, map, or other apps
– Import/Export GPX files
– Full support for trackables
– Offline caching functions including offline maps

The BlackBerry version brings some (minor) limitations:
– No Google maps/satellite maps
– The additional tools are disabled since the toosl are not (yet) available for Blackberry
– The calendar plugin does not work

Beside of the limitations, there are also some nice things that still work:
– You still can use Google Maps when you load the static maps
– You can convert Google Navigation from Android and sideload it. c:geo then can directly access it
– You can convert GCC from Android and sideload it. c:geo then can directly access it
– send 2 cgeo works as well
– …

c:geo is developed by the c:geo team.
I only maintain only the BlackBerry version!
For help, you can ask me or directly the c:geo team at if it is not a BlackBerry specific problem.


Get it for free at If you are still stuck on BB10.0, you download it from here and side load it (see my sideloading post).
As far as I could test, everything except the file selectors in the settings will work.

Please sideload the official Android version as available from


c:geo for Blackberry is based on the official c:geo for Android. See for a detailed changelog of the Android version. Here I only summarize the changes for Blackberry:

· Importing changes from official c:geo release 2013.08.26

· Importing changes from official c:geo release 2013.06.05
· Minor changes

· Initial Port to BB10
· Removed Help button in toolbars
· Removed obsolete Help manual
· Added menu buttons in toolbars
· Replaced Home button with a Back button in all toolbars
· Removed menu entry for additional programs
· Added Cancel button to dialogs (but not possible for sub menus)


c:geo — 6 Kommentare

  1. Hi George, I have a Blackberry Q10, I have been using c:geo since last Novemeber. All working fine until 2 weeks ago when it stopped recognizing that I was a premium member, and won’t load any cache pages for me. I tried to download the android version but don’t have Google Play on my phone and you can’t download google play either, it has to come with the phone. Can you help? Cheers, Becky

  2. Thanks for responding quickly will be waiting patiently figured out that going to live map the back to nearby seems to bring the names up for me thanx again and can’t wait for the up date really enjoy this app and use it daily

  3. Have blackberry Z10 some reason I don’t get the name of the cache anymore very frustrating as you have to open each one to see what it is it doesn’t show what kind of cache it is now either these were very handy and now they don’t come up not a happy cacher as I use to be is there away to fix this problem I have deleted the app and reloaded it thinking it was something I did clearly it wasn’t. Please fix this thank you

    • Groundspeak changed their website so c:geo has to be updated. I am currently testing the latest version which is working fine. Sadly it will again be a lot of work to fulfil Blackberries requirements, therefore it will take a while until it will be available in the store.

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