SleepAnalyser is an application for the MAEMO 5 based mobile phone N900.
It can record your movement during your sleep.

It is able to visualise it on a graph to show how much you move during your sleep. This can help to indicate how you sleep. It also has an alarm function and other features. You can set the alarm and a time window (ex. 30 minutes). The Alarm will then go off sometimes during the time window (as soon as you move more), but latest at the set alarm. This should help you to wake up while you are in the light sleep phase. Old records can be loaded and visualised and the graphs can be exported as bitmaps.


  • Records your sleep pattern
  • Shows detailed your movement during your sleep
  • Alarm will go off when you start moving more (means you are not in deep sleep any more)
  • Graphs can be exported
  • Lucid dream music option
  • Wake up music option
  • Multilingual support, currently English, German, French, Dutch and Chinese


  • N900 or equivalent embedded device with acceleration sensor.
  • MAEMO operating system (Should also run on MeeGo with minimal changes, but untested)
  • Python > 2.5

Screen shots

Start screen
Configuration window
Recording options
Set alarm
View window
Detailed information to each record
Sleep pattern graph (full zoom)


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How to use

Just put the phone under or beside your pillow before you sleep. The phone will do the rest.

How does it work

SleepAnalyser uses the built in acceleration sensor to detect any movement of your body while you are asleep. Those movement are filtered and smoothed to generate a meaningful graph.


SleepAnalyser is published under the GPL. Feel free to modify and redistribute.


SleepAnalyser — 26 Kommentare

  1. I would like to thank you, I have used my N900 with SleepAnalyser for more then four years almost daily. Sadly my N900 died last weekend and I lost at least a year of tracking. I been looking at activity trackers available in the EU to replace the SleepAnalyser, sadly nothing comes even close to the experience. I been looking at beddit now, but don’t think there quality control is there yet. The thing I did find anoying was that the exported screenshots contained only the graph and not the data that is showed in the main window. Thank you for developing this software in the first place!

    • Thank you very much for your feedback!
      What about the SleepAnalysers available for iOS and Android?
      I would expect them to be even far better than my version.

    • I am currently not planning to port SleepAnalyser to the N9. In my opinion there is just no market for it. Even if I could earn money for it, it would by far not be worth the time I would have to invest. Also there are still some unsolved issues, like there is no way to set an alarm. Unless Nokia does not provide a way for this (will most likely never happen), there is no point for SleepAnalyser on the N9.

  2. Thank you for the useful program! If possible, I would like to make the Ukrainian language. If you can translate what that language file from English to Ukrainian – I’ll do it!
    P.S.: I’m sorry for my incoherent English)

    • I started to work on it, but its a lot of work since I will have to rewrite the whole GUI with QML.
      Also its very frustrating, since there is no proper API available, i.e. I am not able to set an alarm. As this is a a key functionality of SleepAnalyser, I still first have to solve this.

  3. Hi,

    what a wonderful app you wrote! Thanx a lot!
    Will there at some point be the option to record sounds when above a sertain sound level?
    i talk in my sleep some times and love to know what im talking about.. lol


  4. Will it be available for a Chinese version? I know a lot of users who don’t understand Eng, and I believe it will be much more popular if shows in Chinese…

  5. i also thought about the recording with the microphone. it should of course be an option and probably needs a lot of (public?) testing to develop in to something useful. the snorer is not always the only one making noise. hope to see an update with something like that some day.

  6. Just tested this app for one night, and it really seems to work.
    Would be great if it could record noise from snoring through the microphone, too.

  7. Hi! I would want to help with translation to Finnish though i’m not familiar with python-language and have very little experience in other programming too. If you have some kind of language-file where i can translate to finnish, i’d be happy to help with this project.
    BTW, great application indeed!

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