TheWord is an application for Nokias N9 mobile phone to show daily bible verses on the standby as well as on the lock screen. It shows every day two bible verses which are selected by the Bible 2.0 project. Currently the verses are provided in more than 10 languages. For more information about the Bible 2.0 project, please visit www.bible2.net.
Plese be aware that I am not able to provide any texts in other languages! They are all provided by the Bible 2.0 project. If you think a language is missing please consider to join the project and translate it yourself!


You can get it from here:  

Theword 0.4.1 Armel
Theword 0.4.1 Armel
155.1 KiB

The download will not include any bible texts. You will be able to download them inside the program for free.


Bible verses on lock screen
Bible verses on the standby screen
TheWord main screen
TheWord settings window


TheWord — 7 Comments

  1. So, after the closure of Store, N9 users cannot have The Word from the maker’s website.
    So sad George, so sad.

    • Do you have a working internet connection? Maybe the server was overloaded when you tried it?
      Please wait and try again. It worked form me when I just tested it.

    • I am not able to provide a translation in this language. First of all, I do not speak this language, and secondly, its a lot of work.
      The translations are provided by http://www.bible2.net. If you would like to contribute a translation in your language, you are very welcome.

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